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Club Guidelines & Rules


Both class and club members are asked to comply with the following at all times.  These guidelines and rules have been created with the sole purpose of keeping you and your pet comfortable and safe while using the facilities.  


  1. No bitches in season (on heat) on the grounds at ANY time.

  2. ALWAYS clean up after your dog.  We provide "poo" bags and a disposal bin on the grounds although we appreciate if you provide your own bags.

  3. Dogs to be under control at all times (i.e. on lead) unless for a specific training exercise or in supervised play when the grounds are quiet.

  4. No smoking in class or in the clubhouse.  Please dispose of butts in the sand box provided on the deck.

  5. Please park as close as possible to the car next to you - we have limited carparking space.  No parking in the Pony Club area at any time.  Please note that parking beyond the pole nearest to the clubrooms is reserved for instructors and committee.  If you do park in that area there is a chance that you will get blocked in.

  6. No harsh handling or maltreatment of your dog will be tolerated.  The Obedience or Agility Co-ordinator's decision on this is final.

  7. No dogs to be tied to, allowed on or in the Clubhouse veranda and Clubhouse itself.  If you do need to tie your dog up, the lead must be attached to a soft webbing or leather collar on as short a lead as comfortably possible to prevent dog from the possibility of lunging out.

  8. We have a “red ribbon” policy for dogs that require more personal space than average.  If you see a dog with a red ribbon please ensure that both you and your dog allow at least 1m of space to pass them.  Your instructor will explain more on your first night.  Ribbons are available free upon request.

  9. ​Tea, coffee and milk are provided free of charge.  Everyone is welcome to come into the clubrooms before and/or after class to socialise and learn more about our activities.  Please clean up after yourself and return everything where you found it after use.

North Shore Dog Training Club, and/or anyone acting officially on behalf of the Club, will not be held responsible for injury to any dog or person, nor damage to or loss of property whilst on the Club grounds or involved in Club activities.

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