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Classes: Thursdays at 7pm 
(We finish by 8.30pm at the latest depending on time taken
for set-up and packing away of gear)
Minimum age: 6 months
  • Good off-leash control 
  • Able to focus on you around other dogs
One term 'Level 1 Agility' course: $90

IMPORTANT - if your dog gets excessively nervous, or has a habit of growling or charging at people or other dogs then a group class (such as this) may not suitable. 

Please email us to set up a discussion before registering and paying for a course.


Race the clock on a canine obstacle course

Dog agility is a fun and relatively challenging sport in which a handler aims to accurately direct a dog around an obstacle course in the fastest possible time.  


Agility is suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs, including mixed breeds. The only pre-requisites being a general level of good health & fitness (including not being over-weight), reasonable off lead control and a basic level of obedience. Dogs must also be comfortable and able to focus on you around other dogs.


Obstacles that the dog will learn to negotiate in class are jumps, tunnels, a crossover, dogwalk, A-frame and even a seesaw. Possibly the most complex piece of agility equipment is a line of 12 poles, generally referred to as the weaves. The dog must enter on a specific side and slalom in and out to the end without missing a pole.  


Our Classes

Agility classes run on a Thursday evening for 1 hour with 4 terms each year, however we do not offer the 'Introduction to Agility' class in term 3 (Winter).


Participants are asked to be there promptly for set-up at 7pm with their dog ready to go. As soon as the equipment is ready class will start and will run for an hour. Class members are also required to stay and help to pack away at the end. Assuming everyone chips in at the beginning and the end, we should be completed and ready to leave by 8.30pm at the latest.  


Please note that dogs must be 6 months old to be accepted into our introductory class, and handlers at least 15 years of age (unless prior arrangement has been made with the club).  


Prior to moving on to our competitive training groups, participants will progress through 4 levels, each with a different focus:

  • Level 1  – Introduction to Agility

  • Level 2 – Mastering the equipment & handling skills

  • Level 3 – Putting it all together to run courses

  • Level 4 - Advanced handling manouvres

Click here on the REGISTER button below for Level 1 Agility or follow this link for COURSE DATES.  People who have started their formal agility training elsewhere may be eligible to join a more advanced group.  Please CONTACT US to arrange an assessment.

Agility Competitions

In competitions, dogs must run off leash and without food or toys as incentives.  Penalties are awarded for failing to complete either an obstacle or the course correctly and the dog that negotiates the course in the fastest time with the least number of faults is declared the winner.  This means that for success in agility competitions considerable speed and accuracy are required.  The handler is also faulted for touching either the dog or the obstacles, consequently the handler’s controls are limited to voice, movement and various body signals, requiring exceptional training of the animal.  


There are several levels of competition and progression is via winning or earning points. Depending on the level, dogs will have to negotiate between 17 and up to 28 obstacles. With each level the courses become more challenging and complex. 


Increasingly popular in competition is the relatively new Jumpers class, which has no contact equipment or weave poles.


North Shore Dog Training Club hosts 2 competitions each year.  Anyone is welcome to come along and see first hand what the sport involves.  When you are ready to compete yourself, your instructors will guide you through the process.



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