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NSDTC is not currently offering Rally-O classes.


Follow the instructions to complete the course

The latest discipline being offered at NSDTC is Rally-O, with classes held on Wednesday evenings.  Rally-O is a great dog sport that can be enjoyed by dogs (and people!) of all ages and abilities. 


In this fun sport the handler and dog work as a team to negotiate a course of numbered stations.  Stations are spaced a few metres apart and each station has a sign to indicate the particular exercise to be performed. These exercises are obedience based and include combinations of heeling, changes of position (sit, down, stand), weaving around cones, presents, finishes, halts and in some levels jumps.


Rally-O doesn't require the same level of precision as competitive obedience, with the emphasis on the teamwork and the response of the dog to the handler. The handler is allowed to talk to the dog.


Rally-O is a qualifying sport offered at three levels with regular trails being held around the country.  Each team that gains a 90% pass at Novice and Advanced levels will attain a quaifying certificate with the Excellent level requiring a 100% pass. Three qualifying certificates are required to progress from one level to the next.


At each event ribbons are usually offered for the first few places. Your Rally-O instructor will take you through the stations during class and teach you the rules and regulations applicable to your level.


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