Club Membership

Membership is open to anyone wishing to continue their training after first attending either our 'Level 1 Dog Training' course or the 'Level 1 Agility' programme.  


​Membership is renewable annually and for a calendar year.  People who are new to the club and join part way through the year will pay a reduced rate on a pro-rata basis (see table to right).  Membership of the club is not transferable.



Club members are entitled to attend any class for which they meet the entry criteria, with the exception of either of our 'Level 1 Dog Training' or the 'Level 1 Agility' courses, which are always fee paying for the first term.

If you commenced your training elsewhere, you may be eligible for immediate membership and attendance at our more advanced classes. Please use the Contact Us page to be put in touch with someone for an assessment.

Fees for new members joining during the year are outlined in the table below.  Returning members will be charged the full annual fee.