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Training Library


North Shore Dog Training Club runs a specialist lending library of dog training materials for its members.  It is intended to operate as far as possible on a simple trust basis.  


Operating Rules

1. Only current members of NSDTC are eligible to apply and/or borrow materials.

2. Members may have 1 item on loan at any time.

3. Materials must be signed out & returned directly with a committee appointed NSDTC Library Administrator.

4. Returns via post will only be accepted by prior arrangement with the Librarian.

5. Materials may be borrowed for a period of up to 1 calendar month, i.e. an item taken on 31st January will be due on or before the end of February, or an item taken on 5th March will become overdue on 6th April. 1 renewal is permitted in person subject to there being no waiting list for the item.

6. While there is no fine system for over-due materials, any item not returned within 10 weeks of the initial loan date will be deemed to have been lost.

7. A replacement fee for each item will be clearly stated in the catalogue.

8. Applicants undertake to immediately pay the specified replacement fee in full to NSDTC if an item signed out by them is lost, damaged, deemed to have been lost (see 6. above) or rendered unavailable for further use for whatever reason.

9. Fees and charges may be altered from time to time by resolution of NSDTC Committee and will be notified to all members at that time.

10. NSDTC reserves the right to decline access to library materials for any reason. Failure to comply with these general principles may also result in access to this facility being withdrawn.

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