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Wet Weather Cancellations

The vast majority of our classes and training take place out of doors so when rain is forecast or the grounds are particularly wet, sessions may be cancelled.  Your instructor should advise you of their procedure for notification of cancellations at the beginning of term.  If you have been advised to check on-line then please check either on our Facebook page (there's a link to this further down on this page) or on the News page of this website.


The Dog Training 101 Class is the only class that utilises an alternative venue in the case of rain.  Your instructor will notify you if your class is going to be transferred there.  

A map to the venue is available by clicking here.


Our Instructors

All of our instructors are volunteers with a passion for dogs.  The instruction will be based on our experience with our own dogs as well as any information we may have picked up by attending seminars, personal study or via our own instructor development activities.  Our aim is to pass on our knowledge so that you may continue to build a working partnership with your dog.  We hope that you will enjoy the classes, take away some skills that you will continue to work on and be inspired to join the club to explore one or more of the dog sporting and training activities on offer.


Our instructors are not paid, nor are they dog behaviour specialists.  Regrettably this does mean that we are not able to meet the needs of every dog and handler.  In these circumstances we will do our best to recommend some suitable alternatives for you.


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Events Calendar

We encourage you to come along and observe some of the dog sport competitions that we host at the club.  See first hand what you and your dog could do and help out in anyway that you can to support the club.


Find Us

Click the button to the left to be connected to a Google map so that you can easily find our grounds. 



Please follow the link on the left to be taken to our information page about membership. 

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