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Classes: Every second Wednesday
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Pre-requisites: Completed both imprinting sessions (Initial and follow up days) run by the club, or imprinted elsewhere on cedarwood atlas with instructor approval. 
Cost: Free to members

Scent work 

Teach your dog to use their nose 

Scent Work, based on the task of working detection dogs, is a positive, challenging activity that allows dogs to use their strongest natural sense in a way that is fun and engaging. Because it is an exercise that requires the dog to locate an odour and communicate this to the handler, it also establishes a building of trust between dog and handler.


Working as a team, while negotiating through a variety of environments, dogs are trained to

indicate the location of a specific odour by pawing, pointing or assuming a specific body position.


The work you do with your dog has many benefits:

1. Searches can be done anywhere

2. A dog uses their mental and physical energy during searches

3. Reactive dogs can participate – as dogs work one at a time in both classes and trials

4. Strengthens basic training and levels of obedience

5. Helps shy/fearful dogs build confidence

6. Builds a stronger relationship between dog and handler – handler learns to understand,

observe and rely on their dog!


To start off at scent work dogs must first learn to recognise the target odour (Cedarwood Atlas) and let the handler know where the source is. We call this process imprinting. The club regularly runs a two day workshop to imprint new dogs. The first day it is to introduce the odour and build reinforcement for searching. Day 2 will take a few weeks later and will focus on continuing reinforcement for the odour in more challenging searches. 

Once you have completed imprinting, club members are welcome to come along on Wednesday nights 

Any questions or enquires please email


In a scent trial, the dog does all the active work, searching for the odour, while the handler offers only guidance and encouragement. Communication and praise of the dog during the search are greatly encouraged.

When, however, the dog indicates where it believes the odour is located, the handler informs and seeks corroboration from the judge.


Scent work contains four different search types:

Container – Interior – Exterior – Vehicle


Scent Work is a sport where qualifications can be gained under Dogs NZ .

Dogs NZ has its own set of Regulations and Scent Odours to which your dog needs to be

imprinted /become familiar with. 

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